Colin Carter

I ran into David Ford earlier in the year and asked him how his studio project was coming ,and he invited me over to see the Third Street location.

The new studio , located above the 7 Devils Brew Pub in downtown Coos Bay, was well under way by this time. The rooms had been constructed and the walls painted , but there were no control room windows yet, and no soundproof double doors between studio and control room. Wiring, lights and switches were still being installed, but I could see even then, this was a serious project.

Fast forward to July 2017. I had been working on a recording project of my own for about as long as David has been working on his Coos Bay studio. I have my own home studio set up and had recorded a CD’s worth of basic tracks, finished overdubs, and had mostly completed mixing, but I knew I wanted to go to a pro studio to finish mixing and mastering. So I contacted David again.

He invited me back to the new studio to make plans for the mastering. There I was greeted by a beautiful sight.

The brand new, fully functioning, Inner Sanctum Studios.

Complete with asymmetrical recording and playback rooms, subtle sound absorbing wall treatments, fabulous dual option speaker systems, Pro Tools ready, and all decorated with a very elegant, colour coordinated finish that helps focus the mind and fosters creativity.

I’ve recorded in many studios in locations as widespread as London, New York City and Los Angeles , and Inner Sanctum easily fits in to that list as one that I have really enjoyed creating and working in, and would recommend to others.

I was reintroduced to David’s partner, Vinnie Cavarra, who would act as both engineer and guide on my mixing/mastering project. Inner Sanctum has both Pro Tools and Logic Pro capabilities and we decided to move forward on my project using Logic Pro, as my music files more readily matched the Logic Pro set up.

So we began, side by side, with Vinnie at the controls, to turn my basic recordings into a finished , polished , array of tunes, with the final product technically capable of equalling other material in the wider music market place.

Vinnie has many years of studio work under his belt , and it shows. We began working together, track by track, song by song, ironing out the blemishes and inconsistencies in the recordings, gradually bringing them inch by inch, closer to a finished product. Every time I began to point out something that needed to be fixed, I usually found Vinnie already on the case, making the changes.

As well as knowing how to use the recording tools at his disposal, he is a fellow musician and understands song and arrangement structures, and I felt very comfortable asking for his input both technically and musically. Plus we have a similar sense of humour and so the ride was as much fun as it was work.

I had a vision for each of these songs and Vinnie was able to take my abstract requests for improving the mix and help put them into practice with his engineering skills. He put up with me chasing the tiniest details, always finding a way to make them happen. Plus, many times, his eagle eyed attention to detail helped to spot and fix the smallest glitches that I hadn’t even noticed myself.

David and Vinnie are both professional and friendly people to work with, and my recording experience at Inner Sanctum has been nothing but a positive one.

Plus, I get to say I was the first person to record there at that brand new facility ! ( Hey, I did a bass guitar overdub right there in the control room ! ) We are finally on the home stretch with my tunes. Things are sounding good ! Thanks guys !

Colin CarterColin Carter